Beta Phase
Outer Space Men
Vital statistics
Name Beta Phase
Race Human, Alien
Home Planet Solar System

Beta Phase

Beta Phase is the title given to secondary waves of Outer Space Men action figures.


New York Comic-Con 2010 Exclusives

Limited to 300 pieces.

  • Astro-Nautilus - Translucent Blue - Action Figure Xpress Exclusive
  • Inferno - Translucent Yellow - Action Figure Xpress Exclusive
  • Metamorpho - Translucent Pink - Toy Tokyo Exclusive
  • Xodiac - Translucent Green - Toy Tokyo Exclusive

New York Comic-Con 2011 Exclusives

Limited to 300 pieces.

New York Comic-Con 2012 Exclusives

Limited to 300 pieces.

New York Comic-Con 2013 Exclusives

White Star Edition Exclusive

Lost 2012 White Star Edition

  • Cyclops - White and Translucent Blue
  • Orbitron - White and Translucent Blue

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