Black Citadel Dungeon Ship
Black Citadel Dreadvalken
Vital statistics
Name Black Citadel Dungeon Ship
Race Dreadvalken
Home Planet Glyosar


An ancient dungeon spaceship appearing and disappearing from the Glyos System. Featured in the Passcode game Dungeon Traveler. Within the ship is the Dreadvalken Dimension Gate calling challengers to enter.


Concept ArtEdit


Dungeon TravelerEdit

"Emerging from eternal darkness, the Black Citadel Dreadvalken drifts between shadow and reality, calling to those driven by fear and desire. No soul that passes through its gates shall ever return the same...


"The bold, the brave and the broken. Such are those doomed to travel through the endless dungeons of the Black Citadel Dreadvalken.

But what secret world spawned this dark keep? Where and when did the Dreadvalken come from? The answers lurk even beyond the Edge of Space a place called Glyosar."[1]



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