Corrupted Elder Outlander
Light Yellow Outlander
Vital statistics
Name Corrupted Elder Outlander
Race Outlander
Home Planet 481 Universe


Astrolog: CorruptionEdit

"The following lunar revolutions showed Andur aided by an elder, together they made heavy repairs to the Celluship. One night the living toxins attacked without warning. These horrid green shades brought with them a violent wave of metamorphoses. With a single poisonous touch the Toxlanders mutated the Lunar Elders from arcane knowledge keepers to corrupted schemers…"[1]


Corrupted Elder OutlanderEdit

Production PVC Corrupted Elder Outlander - Light Yellow Outlander. Helmet included! 18 total parts. Released September 19th, 2014. $10 each.[2]

Light Yellow and Light Teal Assortment AEdit

Production PVC Light Yellow and Light Teal Assortment A - Light Yellow Outlander. Included in this pack are one of each piece pictured above, two helmets, three heads, two ankle extenders, one set of hips and two mini figures. Released November 16th, 2014. $8 each.[3]



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