Dark Traveler
Glyaxia's Dark Project
Vital statistics
Name Dark Traveler
Race Traveler/Villser fusion
Home Planet Metran


While in-universe being a dark project from Glyaxia Command, the Dark Traveler's production design bares some similarities to a previous Onell Design Concept Project called Alter Pheyden.


Elder Teachings

"This current version of the LSA (Standard Lost Sincroid Army and Granthan Corps Lost Sincroid Army) was resurrected by Elder Exellis to right the many wrongs that the original LSA had done."[1] "They should really be called the New Sincroid Army, due to Exellis finally assuming command of something that always stood against what he believed Sincroids should be. Glyaxia Command have been working on a dark project which became the impetus behind the LSA finally coming together with their long sought after and enigmatic leader."[2]

Enigma Source


Gobon & Noboto: Space Trappers

Crethicay Triangle, the Grave Freighter Drifts. The tiny Noboto and his larger, rounder partner Gobon stood outside their target freighter as a half dozen other derelict ships floated by. "Another job that brings us into darkness. Can't one of these critters live in a place with some lights?" Noboto sarcastically commented as they entered the ship. "Time to brighten things up my friend..."

"Will do..." came the cheerful reply from his space trapping partner. Gobon's head began to glow brighter and brighter until the dilapidated room was illuminated. "That trick never gets old" Noboto remarked. His wrist scanner started to pick up something. "I'm gettin' a blip."


The target


New guests appear

Peeking around the corner, a one-eyed pink blob had appeared. "You see that?!" the Gobon blurted as he pointed in the direction of the blob. "It looks tiny, this should be easy." Noboto answered busily as he pulled a capture net out.

Outside, the ships drifted in eerie silence. VNNNNN... The humming of a warp channel was unmistakable. Silhouettes of two Travelers appeared in the warp light. "Sullonev, mobilize the Gatekeepers. Eradicate the intruders." the first dark shape ordered. "Yes, Commander Viyer." replied the second mysterious guest.

Meanwhile, Noboto and Gobon looked over their fresh catch of the day. "Look at this, it's like it wanted to be caught." the smaller partner observed. From behind something watched them in the darkness. BLUM! With a panic, the observing creature scurried away. "Umm, I don't like the sound of that." worried Noboto. CRA-KOOM! "Yeah, that's not good."




The Deep Space Glyans of the Neo Gatekeepers

The wall exploded behind them knocking both far back from their still captured prey. The explosion was so hard it rocked the ship. The space trapping pair were knocked through the opposing wall and crashed onto a nearby asteroid rock. "Somebody is going to get it." Noboto said angrily. Hovering over them, the Deep Space Glyans of the Neo Gatekeepers stood ready. "They look tiny, this should be easy..." the lead trooper remarked. "Hey! That's my line!" Noboto scoffed back.

Gobon switched his head around to fight mode while Noboto punched through the first wave of Glyan troopers. The Gatekeepers had been taken by surprise by the unusual pair and started to fall back on their training to regroup. "Initiate formation 72!" the lead soldier ordered. Surrounding the space trappers, all Deep Space Glyans opened fire at once stunning the pair.


"Mordireus Mode, ENGAGE!!"

Noboto was pissed. "Alright, that's it! Mordireus Mode, ENGAGE!!" Gobon and Noboto each raised a fist into the air and then slammed them together. Pink energy enveloped them until they were powerful translucent pink forms of their former selves. The Neo Gatekeepers were quickly knocked around and dealt with. Observing from a safe distance, Viyer and Sullonev quietly watched the battle unfold. "Curious..." Viyer noted, "the small one does not behave like a Gendrone." Sullonev took the hint, "Analyzing unknown entity..." It would only take a second.

"Analysis complete." Sullonev's wrist screen began to display the results. "Commander Viyer, this entity, it's..." he paused as he saw the final results of the target. A Proto Sincroid was before them. "Sullonev, bring it here." Viyer ordered. "Yes, Commander." answered Sullonev as he warped away and into the fray of the losing battle.


Analysis complete


Sullonev warping in

Noboto watched space fold before him as someone new warped in. "A Traveler!!! Now we may have a problem. You know what to do!" Noboto fell back to Gobon's position and let the Gobon easily picked up the smaller Noboto. With a swift thrust he hurled Noboto like a cannonball towards Sullonev. The Traveler showed no signs of stepping aside from the burning pink ball of anger, so Noboto opened fire from his laser eyes. This caught Sullonev off-guard and knocked him backwards a bit. However, it wasn't enough as the two began a dance across the star field behind them. Every move was matched. Every blow was countered and returned. "Come on!" the little trapper exclaimed angrily.

Still observing from afar, Commander Viyer was taking mental notes. "Impressive. This Proto Sincroid moves and fights like a Traveler, yet possesses a unique energy signature in its powered form. This display of power will not go unnoticed by Glyaxia Command for very long..." Space around the continuing fight started to shimmer. The faint logo of Glyaxia Command was forming from the warp signature. "...not very long at all."


Deep Space Glyans of the Glyaxia Ivorinium Elite

The Glyaxia Ivorinium Elite had arrived. "Cease all combat and surrender immediately, by order of Glyaxia Command!" Six well-armed Deep Space Glyans from Glyaxia Command's special division had arrived to see what the ongoing commotion was.

"Glyaxia?" the Noboto observed, "All the way out here?"


The Dark Traveler

"Unlock Rift Channel. All units prepare for breach." commanded the lead Glyaxia trooper. Noboto looked worried and rightfully so as a massive warp breach formed in front of all of them. Soaring out from the tear in space, something new... something dangerous... something dark... The green Traveler raised his hand and stunned Noboto, Gobon, and Sullonev all in one easy swipe. Stunned, the Noboto began to take notice of how much trouble they were in, "That's no ordinary Traveler..." Looking to Gobon, the Noboto paired up for the next crucial move if they were to survive. "Shield lock!" The Dark Traveler barreled towards the trappers as their pink forms glowed outwards forming a barrier shield. Sullonev was on his own as he was easily knocked out of the way of the charging Glyaxia Command experiment as the green Traveler aimed toward the locked pair.

"Whatever you are, it will take more than that." the Noboto challenged.


Sullonev knocked away

"I... AM... THE DARK TRAVELER!" the green Traveler answered with a charged fist. The space trappers were knocked back harder than ever.

Still observing from his safe position, Viyer was stunned at the abilities of the newest player in the game. "Sullonev, try to restrain it." he ordered. Dutifully, Sullonev warped in from behind the Dark Traveler and attempted to grab it. "A Dark Traveler, huh?" A terrible mistake as the Dark Traveler knocked back the Commander with a mighty blow from his fist without even turning around. "Yes." was the last thing Sullonev heard.


Commander Viyer warps in

Noboto was worried, "We need to leave NOW!" The Dark Traveler turned back toward the pair to finish them off when a new warp signature appeared between them. Viyer had finally joined the battle. "Halt, Traveler!" he ordered while blasting the green menace.

"Why are you helping us?" the Noboto curiously asked. "Consider my assistance merely a delay of the inevitable." Viyer replied. "We will meet again." Noboto took the hint and started to abandon the Drifts with Gobon.


Commander Viyer's Syclodoc attack!

"This new specimen is now my primary interest." Viyer commented as the space trappers floated away. Pink energy glowed and surrounded Commander Viyer. A Syclodoc was forming around the Neo Gatekeeper. "The Dark Traveler's power will be mine!" Viyer exclaimed as the transformation finished. As the newly formed Syclodoc began blasting away at the Dark Traveler, Noboto observed what a lucky break they had. Yet, something lurked nearby.

From around an asteroid, Commander Sullonev reappeared. "Not so lucky, runt." The loyal Traveler reached out and tore off a piece of the Noboto's shoulder. The rip was painful. "No!" Gobon shouted as he gripped Noboto close and blasted Sullonev away. Craddled in his arms, the Gobon whooshed them away to safety.




Elder Exellis and the Lost Sincroid Army

Finding a safe collection of asteroids far from the battle now, Gobon laid his partner down gently. "Easy, I've got you." the Gobon soothed as he healed Noboto's torn shoulder. "Of all your tricks..." the Noboto said appreciatively, "this is the best one." Resting in a peaceful part of the galaxy without worry again, the Noboto couldn't help but review the events of their day. "That didn't go as well as I'd hoped." The Gobon just "Hmmm..." in agreement.

A faint blue bathed over the pair and space began to open. "Now what?" Noboto sighed.

"Greeting Noboto, it's been a long time..." Before them was someone Noboto hadn't seen in a very long time. "Exellis!!??" the short trapper exclaimed. Before the pair floated Elder Exellis and the Lost Sincroid Army.



"Isn't that right... my Protoclone!"

Later, inside the hidden laboratory of Commander Viyer we find the Commander deep in thought. Motionless, Sullonev's stasis tank was quietly bubbling as the injured Traveler started the long process of healing. "Well, Sollonev, Glyaxia's new Dark Traveler proved quite resilient, escaping even my Syclodoc attack." Viyer noted. Moving around the lab, Viyer approached a different stasis tank further back. "But thanks to you, we weren't left empty handed..." A new, smaller body stared back at the Commander as it continued to quickly grow. "Isn't that right... my Protoclone!".[3]

Dark Processing

Dark Traveler in his Rift Breaker mode.[4]

Back Home

Ice Walker

Glyaxia II: Escape From Block Base



Impenetrable to nearly all invaders who dare plunder her secrets, the Sporian planet Alcray now faces the growing dominion of Glyaxia Command... After detecting unusually high levels of subterranean activity beneath the living surface of Alcray from their orbiting Block Base, Glyaxia Command mobilizes a specialized team of Crayhunters to abduct a recently sighted set of rare twin Crayboth...

Flying high above the sporian surface of Alcray, a Glyaxia Command Heavy Armored Rig spots the pair of special Crayboth walking around. Gryganull & Grellanym are quickly caught within its beam and pulled aboard before they know what is happening. Coasting along the outer hemisphere of Alcray is Glyaxia Command Block Base. Within the Experiments Room is teaming with activity. Rigs along the wall, Hub Set drones scurrying along, and any number of Glyans and Protoclones preparing for the next orders to be given.


Warping out

Perched over the flurry of activity, Sarvos Glyaxia Commanders Akurriax and Zerennic watch the action. "Continue the bio data harvesting, regardless of the risk..." ordered Akurriax. "Commander Akurriax," a standard Protoclone interrupted, "Proceeding with this experiment could result in potentially dangerous side effects for the two specimens." The Commander almost scoffed before answering, "You know full well that the only way to break through a Crayboth's natural mental defenses is to overload its core power regulator... Increase the surge output immediately! We must know what they are trying to hide down there on Alcray."

The machines started to hum. "Understood, Commander. Increasing Hyper Phase Bombardment levels." answered the the little Protoclone. Zerennic paused before speaking, "Perhaps we have given them too much power already?" Akurriax wouldn't hear of it, "We must give to receive..."

"Wait..." Zerennic started, before pausing again, "I sense something..." Something was there. "...Do you feel that?" The lights went out.


Hyper Phase Bombardment Program overpowered

"Commander!" a Glyan shouted, "We are under Gendrone attack on the far side of Block Base and sustaining heavy damage. Please send reinforcements at once!!!" The Rebellion had come to their doorstep.

"Let's move! Prepare for Warp!" quickly ordered Akurriax. The little yellow Protoclone spoke up again, "Commander! What about the specimens? We have already activated the Hyper Phase Bombardment Program..."

"You stay and monitor their progress, the rest of us need to go at once!" Akurriax angrily responded. Block Base was more important, it could not fall. Not here, not now. The troops warped out in waves. Lower level grunts taking the first pass at jumping into the middle of a fight followed by their Commanders safely bringing up the rear. In an instant, the Glyaxia Standard Protoclone was all alone with the two Crayboth. The machines started to hum louder and grow red... overload.. it was going to overload! The room flashed white as waves of energy poured off the two Crayboth. The Crayboth had practically turned Nuldireus and Neo Phase as the power surged beyond the safety limits. The Protoclone screaming was the last Glyaxian noise to be heard in that room as everything went solid white.


Freed Crayboth

Color slowly flowed back into the large Experiment Room. Gryganull and Grellanym found themselves a tad stunned, but freed none-the-less from the Glyaxia Command devices. Grellanym attempted to speak, "What happened... Where are we, Gryganull?" The room still hummed red. "I feel a strange energy flowing through me..." he added.

"This is a Glyaxia Block Base, Grellanym" Gryganull answered. Recent events were slowly coming back to him. "I remember now... they took us... as we were headed back from the gathering." There was... something else. "I can feel the energy as well... so powerful..."

Grellanym was getting worried, "We have to get back to Alcray, no matter what it takes!" No time to wait while Glyaxia Command was busy, out the door and into the main hallway they went.


Crayboth warping away


"...that voice!"

Successfully defeating the Heavy Armored Wing and Glyan troopers awaiting them in the hallway, the Crayboth pair Warp out. Grellanym spoke first in the darkness surrounding them, "This place seems to change beneath our very feet! As if the Block Base were alive itself!"

"Whatever Glyaxia Command did to us has increased our power to extraordinary levels!" added Gryganull. "Now we can stop their machines of war with far greater ease than ever before!"


"You will not escape Block Base!!!"

Akurriax's presence could be felt all around them. "Machines of War?!!!" the voice echoed, "You know nothing of which you speak!"

"...that voice!" Gryganull finally spoke. Grellanym noticed it, too. "The one who held us prisoner!" Grellanym blurted out.

Akurriax couldn't help himself. "You cannot leave this place," he gloated, "you will not escape Block Base!!!"

Another hallway awaited full of Glyaxia Command Core Blocks to push them back, but it was the Dark Traveler Glyaxia Standard Soldier who presented a real challenge. As he weakened, Dark Traveler Glyaxia Reverse Soldiers were called in to surround the Standard Soldier until he is fully circled. Still no for the Crayboth pair match, he was defeated. The Dark Travelers vanish at once.


"Time is swiftly folding against us."


Akurriax's presence

"What awful corruption has Glyaxia brought upon the Travelers?" asked Grellanym. "I sensed our ancient enemy's very life force pulsing through those twisted Dark Traveler forms."

"It's the same energy as I felt within the one called Argen..." agreed Gryganull.

Grellanym was puzzled, "The Gendrone we met at the gathering before these events came upon us?"


"Block Base itself is your enemy now..."

"Yes, the very same." Gryganull sadly confirmed. "I could feel a familiar darkness slowly creeping out from behind its shining armor." He paused, "The darkness that is..." It.. no.. he was certain, though. "...the Villser."

"Time is swiftly folding against us." Grellanym noted. "Our clan must be warned of the discoveries we have made here!"

Akurriax's presence surrounded them again. "Truly a noble species..." Akurriax offered, "Though I do admire the tenacity you both have shown, your attempt to gain freedom from this place is in vain." His voice lowered, a touch of anger to it. "Block Base itself is your enemy now..."

Another hallway laid before them. Loyal Glyaxia Protoclones marched forward. Glyaxia Standard Protoclones and Glyaxia Reverse Protoclones in waves to give their Commanders time to arrive. It wasn't enough, the Protoclones fell easily. Glyaxia Commanders Akurriax and Zerennic arrived together and quickly attacked as a one. The force of their power would be overwhelming normally, but the Crayboths were overpowered still from the experiment. Akurriax and Zerennic merged as one larger mega Sarvos before assuming their final dreaded form... the Syclodoc Glyaxia Command Sentinel. Still, the combined forces of Glyaxia Command were no match. With the Syclodoc defeated, the Glyaxia Commanders separated and vanish from the hallway.


Defeated Syclodoc


Core Blocks final warning

Crayboth Gryganull and Grellanym warp out of the hallway to another area. However, the Crayboths are still trapped within the Glyaxia Block Base. " This place seems to have no end!" grumbled Grellanym, "Every move we make feels like it's being manipulated by forces beyond our sight."

"We have no choice but to battle through whatever else Glyaxia unleashes upon us." replied Gryganull. "We cannot give up!"


Enyriun arrives...


To be continued...

The hallway filled with Glyaxia Command Core Blocks. Soon the Crayboths were surrounded.... trapped once again. A loud, angry robotic voice echoed throughout the hallway, "SUGGESTION: YOU CANNOT ESCAPE FROM BLOCK BASE!" Beside Gryganull and Grellanym dropped in a tall Phaseon in dark metallic black. The Gendrone Rebellion blazed in white on the chest. He pointed at the Crayboth and two pink force fields enveloped them. The Phaseon then turned his attention to the Core Blocks. A rumble filled the room as the Phaseon glowed red. The Core Blocks were pushed away by the Phaseon's unseen power. "You're coming with me..." Enyriun stated as a matter of fact.

Enigma Source

Wave 30

Dark Traveler Rift Breaker

Revenge of the Armorvors

Wave 31

Dark Traveler Gray Galaxy

The Ecroyex Initiative

Wave 32

Dark Traveler Strelleven

See: Dark Traveler Strelleven

Gendrone Voyager

Wave 33

Dark Traveler Stealth

The Gamma Conflict

Wave 34

Dark Traveler Rallakris

GITD Green w/ painted eyes, removable belt and inner/outer scarves. $8

Sullkren's Path

Wave 35

Dark Traveler Sorvellius

See: Dark Traveler Sorvellius

Glyaxia II

Wave 36

Glyaxia Standard Soldier

Yellow/Blue with painted eyes, White tampo, removable belt and inner/outer scarves/bonus Yellow Pheyden head. $8

Glyaxia Reverse Soldier

Blue/Yellow with painted eyes, White tampo, removable belt and inner/outer scarves/bonus Blue Pheyden head. $8

Super Crayboth

Wave 38

Dark Traveler Neo Phase

Clear Green w/painted eyes, removable belt and inner/outer scarves. $8



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