Deluxe Real Type Wraith
This stuff just got real
Vital statistics
Name Deluxe Real Type Wraith
Race Sincroid
Home Planet Blattaria


Deluxe Real Type Wraith

Vinyl and Production PVC Wraith with multiple Deluxe Real Type paint applications. These bad boys are full production 16 piece Vinyl with a 30 piece PVC arm gun cannon attachment on each arm. Each limited edition Wraith has multiple Deluxe Real Type paint applications. The Wraith also comes with a hand weathered 2 piece screen printed cloak. The figure will be packed in a special screen printed box. There will be an exclusive limited edition tee shirt packed in there and maybe some other bells and whistles too. Released April 27th, 2012. Shipped Mid-June 2012. $200 each.[1]



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