Destian Outlander
Black and Purple Outlander
Vital statistics
Name Destian Outlander
Race Destian
Home Planet 481 Universe


Astrolog: DestianEdit

"These heavily radiated beings are as damaged mentally as they are physically. They’ve been locked in conflict with the main 481universe Glyaxia base set up at the T’churian Rift for what seems like eons.

The Destian were born from a corruption of the highest degree. The first documented encounter with a Destian unit was when an incredibly corrosive cloud was detected in deep space. A small Glyaxian team was dispatched to enter and investigate the cloud. The initial readings suggested that the evasive Theta may be the cause of the disturbance. Once delving deeper into the mist the readings changed becoming sporadic and more unusual. Shortly after the change in wavelength contact was lost with the initial investigation team. Glyaxia Command was without eyes or ears for longer than they’d like to admit. A backup team was hastily dispatched to continue investigation of the strange cloud. However, to the backup teams surprise they weren’t faced with cleanup and documentation but rather droves and droves of Destian who were evacuating the cloud with what seemed like one objective, to DESTROY. Since the Glyaxia forces were dispatched so hastily they were geared only with investigation tools, they stood no chance…"[1]



Production PVC Destian Leyden - Black and Purple Outlander. 18 total parts. Released May 23rd, 2014. $12 each.[2]


Production PVC Destian Visitor - Purple and Black Outlander. Helmet included! 18 total parts. Released May 23rd, 2014. $10 each.[3]

Neon Green Assortment AEdit

Production PVC Neon Green Assortment A - Black and Purple Outlander. Included in this pack are one of each piece pictured above, two helmets, three heads, two ankle extenders, one set of hips and two mini figures. Released May 23rd, 2014. $8 each.[4]

Black and Grey Helmet Accessory PackEdit

Production PVC Black and Grey Helmet Accessory Pack - Black and Purple Outlander. Included in this pack are one of each piece pictured above, one helmet, one head, and one set of hips. Released May 23rd, 2014. $4 each.[5]



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