Volkriun Commando Commander
Vital statistics
Name Evireyor
Race Traveler
Home Planet Unknown


Task Force Volkriun: SurviveEdit

"Follow Task Force Volkriun's Captain Ruger as he tracks a mysterious alien signal, leading him and his team into the deadly woods of Planet Volkria... SURVIVE."[1]

UGC Task Force Volkriun Mobile BaseEdit

"There are some strange little builds lurking around this base."[2]

Black Core Survival SuitsEdit

"The Armorvor utilize Delphi designed Black Core Survival Suits, which function like a second skin and keep the user protected from virtually any environment, as well as the effects of Phase Dimensional travel.

The firepower of one Survival Suit, used by a skilled operator, can rival that of a Heavy Armored Rig. Though the Rigs also use Black Core in their construction, the Armorvor were able to master the use of this mysterious substance over many cycles during their exile in Zorennor, achieving another level of technological symbiosis with their hardware as they evolved over time.

Combined, these facts effectively make a single Armorvor the equivalent of a one man army."[3]

Task Force Volkriun ReturnsEdit

Record of the DelphiEdit

Wave 22

Volkriun Commando Commander EvireyorEdit

Olive Green/Pappysoup Green with light green eyes. $8



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