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Contained Build available!
Vital statistics
Name Evolver
Race Quallerran/Axis/Villser
Home Planet Unknown


Introduced as a way to expand design possibilities to existing Glyos accessories, Contained Builds use existing parts and present them in a brand new way.

Evolver uses 1 Quallerran/Noboto/Protoclone figure and 2 Axis Joint Sets. Glyarmor set is optional. Axillioid is assembled with the remaining parts.



"Quallerran Overseer Elpherios was the first of his kind to fuse with Axis Technology, pioneering a special "Evolver" separation method that placed the dark Villser Virus strains into another symbiotic Axis-born lifeform called an "Axillioid".

Though granted a host of incredible new metamorphic abilities in this "Evolver" state, Elpherios now remains mortally connected to his bonded Axillioid, destined to follow the strange creature's fate, stand or fall."[1][2]

"The Quallerran have powered up! But will they find a way to suppress the dark legacy of the Villser Virus that dwells inside all Axis Technology?

The answer lies within the "Axillioid"..."[3]




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