The Four Fisted Sergeant
Vital statistics
Name Ggrabbtargg
Race Ferrikonian
Home Planet Ferrikon


Ggrabbtargg is one of Ggripptogg's elite Sergeants in the Ferrikon army. The sergeant class is made up of immensely powerful warriors who are heavily armored and crave destruction. More importantly perhaps, is that Ggrabbtargg is Ggripptogg's closest confidant within these ranks, making him either Ggripptogg's greatest ally or his greatest threat.



Production PVC Ggrabbtargg - The Four Fisted Sergeant. Black and Orange with several paint apps. 5" tall. Glyos-compatible with 17 Glyos joint parts. Accessories: War Mace with long and short handles. Carded. Limited edition. Fan Club Exclusive. Released May 23rd, 2014. $25.00 each.

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