Glyos System
A drift probe in the Relgost Sector
Vital statistics
Type Stellar System
Location Edge of Space
Capital Metran
Inhabitants Various


The Glyos System is a vast stellar system along the Edge of Space. There are numerous new planets and rifts discovered every year as it's constantly mapped & remapped by different groups. The Granthans are an example of a species to enter the Glyos System and find a new planet to call home (Granthan). The Armorvors are an example of a species that is trying to conquer the Glyos System. Most planets remain under the control of Glyaxia Command.

  1. Ayosire
  2. Banimon
  3. Blattaria
  4. Crethicay Triangle
  5. Eidrallis
  6. Endrax
  7. Granthan
  8. Ilphim
  9. Issaris
  10. Metran
  11. Nemica
  12. Prismiria
  13. Relgost
  14. Reydurra
  15. Rilleco
  16. Selogo
  17. Sendollest Drifts
  18. Sollnoria
  19. Sonesidar
  20. Swampland
  21. Syncros
  22. Vector Triangle
  23. Velgeris
  24. Vhorren-Vy
  25. Volkria
  26. Zorennor Rift

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