Hellsmoortal Tank
Preview hellsmoortal
Tanks come in two forms: the dangerous, deadly kind and the 'liberating' kind
Vital statistics
Name Hellsmoortal Tank
Race Unknown
Home Planet Banimon


The East Bank of the Big River has become a maze of defensive fortifications. During the prolonged standoff, Banigoth forces have been busy digging in – as Banigoth High Command’s secret plan slowly starts to roll out. Special border troops have been trained, using the valuable experience acquired during the trench warfare on Havvacor to create a more disciplined defensive force. The Arsenal, a military production complex on the shores of the Eastern Sea has been working day and night to produce new weaponry, which is then being loaded onto supply convoys making daily trips to the East Bank.

There are whispers that the T-011 wreck which was recovered by the Banigoth prior to their withdrawal from the West Bank has been reverse-engineered, with new and improved versions rolling off the assembly lines at The Arsenal every couple of hours. That the game-changing invention of their hated Havvacor nemesis might breathe new life into Banigoth military tech would be superb irony, though as of now there is no actual evidence, just rumors. Not to mention there are still those that argue that the tank’s effectiveness is limited away from the flat desert conditions of Havvacor proper anyway.

Regardless, the Revolutionary armies know that should they attempt to pierce the Banigoth defences along the Big River they will be in for a hell of a fight and that a frontal assault is a low-percentage play at best. So, a strategem?[1]



The lean and mean Hellsmoortal is Banigoth counterpart to the T-011. It comes with an alternate configuration from the same parts minus the bunker. Grey vinyl with bronze and light green color applications on threads, yellow lightning tampo prints on sides and black faction identifier tampo print on gun turret. Released July 15th, 2015. $27.00 each.[2]



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