The Conqueror
Vital statistics
Name Hun-Dred
Race Zetonian
Home Planet Zeton


"Arch-enemy of the Robo Force and the leader of the evil robot empire, HUN-DRED™ has laser guns, crushers for hands and a killer instinct. HUN-DRED™ is a crude, cruel robot warrior-for-hire. He has but one sense: the ability to sense fear. Destruction is the fate of anyone - or any thing - that stands in his way. He does it with a powerful personal arsenal - pop-up laser weapons are concealed beneath his snap-out weapon hood, and he is expert in the use of his twin hand-held attack weapons." From the original file card.[1]

Character HistoryEdit


Gendrone Rebellion Maxx: Join the Rebellion


Rebel Without a Cause

"A theme running in the background across all the Glyos related lines is crossover. Because all of the creators are fans of each other, the notion of finding doorways that bridge the different worlds is very appealing and employed more often than you might think. 2014 will see some cameos from a few familiar characters popping up in some unexpected places.

The version of Maxx Zero shown above is meant to explore the possibility that perhaps some members of the Robo Force may have ventured into the Glyos System at some point. Or, maybe some Gendrone tech was stolen by an unknown agent of Nazgar, on a mission to gather new potential weaponry to be used in multidimensional conquests.

Wherever your imagination takes you, that's the place to be..."[2]


Hun-Dred ReforgedEdit


The original Hun-Dred left smashed by Maxx Zero

"He's back, and tougher than ever, utilizing an alloy stolen from the Gendrone Rebellion by another dark soldier of Nazgar."[3]

Hun-Dred had a traumatic experience with Maxx Zero and ZEM when they busted out of the lab in Celestia. After his reforging with Solution Fourteen at the direction of Nazgar and his NEM scientists, Hun-Dred locked down Celestia, and created Battlestar in his own image with one purpose: capture Maxx Zero and ZEM.[4]

Forging BattlestarEdit


Battlestar the Guardian

With a combination of ancient technologies known only to Hun-Dred, and the secret formula from Hun-Dred's own reforging, Battlestar is given a level of sentience beyond the basic program of the Nazgar drones... and a secret ability unknown to Hun-Dred... His duties, to protect Nazgar the Tyrant and Hun-Dred while finding Maxx Zero and ZEM.[5]

Batch 237Edit

"This silent warrior enforces the will of Hun-Dred with his Hammerforge Fists!"

Cruel ult

Cruel the Detonator

Cruel and Brutal began as standard Drone Troopers for the Cult of Dred. Hun-Dred originally sent out dozens of these soldiers, rebuilt from the remains of Zetonian citizens, to expand their domain. Maxx and the Robo Force were able to decimate the ranks of these Troopers forcing Hun-Dred to turn the remains over to his NEM scientists for research. The NEM scientists have been charged with finding new and dangerous weapons to take down the Robo Force. Part of this research involves the various compounds which NAZGAR has discovered over his 1000+ years of life. Collectively, the serums are referred to by the NEMs as the "dark forces" - a quirk from their reprogramming by Nazgar's drainer helmets. Batch after batch is run through reconfigured robotic entities, seeing what will activate new life in their Zetonian power sources.

Cruel was the result of batch 237, a mixture of numerous serums. Though granted new life by the serum, Cruel's voice has been taken from him (even though an examination of his vocal circuitry reveals no reason for this lack of speech). Cruel breaks free of the NEMs and builds himself a new body, along with a small mindless drone friend he calls "Vul-gar".

Now, he will carry out his mission - destroy Maxx Zero!

Brutal is the perfect match for Cruel's talents - talkative, brash, angry and strong, he always has Cruel's back in the fight with the Robo Force! His ultimate fate is still a mystery...


Reforged EditionEdit

Kit includes the standard 41 piece complement of Glyos compatible parts - now with over fifty paint applications and one secret Gendrone symbol. Reforged Edition Hun-Dred was released on December 20, 2013 along with Origin Edition Enemy.[6]

Additional ModesEdit

Hun-Dred RegenesisEdit

"Matt has been a long-time friend and I love this product. There was really no other way I wanted to bring these characters back other than as part of the Glyos System. It all started with a drawing, which you'll see soon here and on the main Glyos blog, a little over a year ago. My main direction to Matt, who is the true architect of this figure design, was simple: Make Robo Force Glyos. Later, I insisted that Hun-Dred, Sentinel, and Enemy be part of the design, as well as Hun-Dred's signature claws."[7]

Alloy Elite ModeEdit

"Trooper, clone, or the real deal? Fun pic from Matt Doughty, showing a potential version of Hun-Dred that can be built if you have the previously released red (Hun-Dred) Robo Force kit, the Ultra Silver (Sentinel) kit, and the new Battlestar kit."[8]



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