Maxx Zero
Ultimates Maxx
The Original Steel-forged Hero
Vital statistics
Name Maxx Zero
Race Zetonian
Home Planet Zeton

Maxx Zero is the first character produced in Toyfinity's relaunch of the Robo Force toyline. The figure's test shot debut was at NYCC in October of 2013.[1]


"MAXX is the toughest of the tough and the leader of the Robo Force™. With the motto "Any mission, any time, any place," his primary assets are his brute strength and his almost total invulnerability. His personal arsenal of attack weaponry includes a pair of laser hand weapons stored in his backpack and a back-mounted, swiveling double-barreled attack gun. And let no one - and no thing - doubt: MAXX is well able and prepared to use them!" From the original file card.[2]

Character History

John Kent


Early Robo Force sketch by Matt Doughty (bottom center)[3]

"Matt has been a long-time friend and I love this product. There was really no other way I wanted to bring these characters back other than as part of the Glyos System. It all started with a drawing, which you'll see soon here and on the main Glyos blog, a little over a year ago. My main direction to Matt, who is the true architect of this figure design, was simple: Make Robo Force Glyos. Later, I insisted that Hun-Dred, Sentinel, and Enemy be part of the design, as well as Hun-Dred's signature claws. But truthfully, the new Robo Force is much more than the sum of its parts. It's the realization of the dream of four friends to bring quality toys to the marketplace, and resurrect a beloved memory who never got his chance due to an insane suction cup selling point, huggy/crushy power action arms, and going up against possibly the biggest toy-originated property every known, the Transformers."[4]

Matt Doughty


Concept Art and sculpt


Vintage compared to new Robo Force[5]

"This special project has been running in the background over here for quite some time. Working closely with John "Doctor" Kent, Mike Hart and Charlie Parry of Toyfinity, we developed the new toys in house, which utilize the Glyos fit functions and play mechanics. My mentor Ron Daley and I built the Maxx Zero prototype from the ground up, based on my original design scribbles. The Toyfinity team, who are like family, put a lot of trust in us, and both Ron and I gave the project everything we had so Maxx's new form would hopefully honor the Robo Force name.

I personally still have my original Maxx from when I first received it back in 1984, and it has survived multiple toy collection cutbacks over many years. I've always felt that Maxx never got a real chance to shine as the cool character that he was, so having the opportunity to create a brand new version of Maxx has been a dream come true. I want to sincerely thank the Toyfinity team for allowing me to work on their property, which holds a place very close to my heart.


Various early sculpt pieces


Trapping Rigs prototype

I'd like to share a few notes on the creation of the new Maxx, from conceptual drawings to pics of the prototyping process at Ron's shop. There are a ton of secret builds hidden within the 41 parts that comprise Maxx Zero, from old Tomy robots, ZOIDS and Zeroids to the Trapping Rigs used by our own Rechlen and Aves. My hope is that this reforged Maxx will open up a new world of building and playing possibilities across the spectrum, and that Robo Force will make you smile like you were a kid again."[6]

"From the early development of Maxx Zero Ron and I sized Maxx's "Core Block" so that it would line up with our old Rechlen and Aves Trapping Rigs (a prototype of one can be seen in the background). That original set of proportions was worked directly into the new Maxx design, and thanks to the Toyfinity team being so open minded about new directions, we incorporated that DNA right into Maxx's code.

Regular Hexagons and Isosceles Trapezoids also factored into Maxx Zero big time, as these basic shapes emerged as the top problem solvers, especially on the tread base (more on that later)."[7]

"As Ron and I worked out the proportions for Maxx, we tried different sizes for the little bot's head, starting with a significantly smaller noggin on top.


Early Maxx-X configuration


Test Shot (Unreleased)

Using existing Glyos production figures for the scale match was a very important part of the blocking process, and served as a central point of measure.

The primary goal at this stage was to find just the right size for this new Robo Force. We wanted the sculpts to appear powerful and fairly massive in comparison to what we had worked on before, yet also maintain 100% compatibility with everything else already in full production.

The other major concern was that Robo Force would make sense financially for the Toyfinity team to produce, so we moved forward with certain dimensions and metrics in mind, conceived to hopefully result in an overall success and not just simply a redesigned classic robot."[8]

The earliest kits arrived in their final Maxx-X configuration by default.


See: The Return of Robo Force


Genesis Edition

The first modern Robo Force kit contains 41 pieces and is cast in solid gray with minimal black paint applications. Maxx Zero Genesis Edition was first made available Sunday, October 27, 2013.[9] A blank variation was also released at NYCC and limited to 50 pieces.[10]

Glyaxia Disguise

"Maxx has to infiltrate Glyaxia to rescue ZEM!"

Maxx Zero in Glyaxia disguise is a deluxe kit of 53 pieces that was released on Friday, July 18 2014 along with Battlestar and Vanguard. Includes one full Robo Force kit in yellow, with an extra set of blue arm parts to upgrade your Maxx Zero, as well as to build the terrifying Protector-Class Glyaxia Drones and Elite Drones![11]

Classic Edition

A standard 41 piece kit with paint apps based on the original 1980's toy. The intention was to provide a nicely-balanced figure that is a pure update to the vintage Maxx figure, with slightly more color than the vintage on some parts. Classic Maxx Zero was available by preorder from Sunday, October 12, through Saturday, October 25th 2014. A blank version was also available in Maxx Grey.[12]

Ultimate Edition

Available for pre-order at the same time as the Classic Edition, Maxx Zero Ultimate Edition is the same 41 piece kit but with over a hundred paint applications and full detail line added. Over sixty of these applications were brand-new and never before used on a Robo Force kit.[14]

Imperious Edition

Imperious Maxx is an evil version of Maxx Zero. It is the membership exclusive figure for Club Zeton. The figure is an Ultimate Edition with many paint applications, full detail lines and is cast in metallic gold plastic. Applications to the club were accepted throughout the entire month of February 2015.[15]

Stealth Special Edition

"Standard forty-one piece fully Glyos-compatible Robo Force® kit in Stealth clear at last! Bonus - includes four extra parts with painted eye highlights!" 45 total parts. Released December 28th, 2016. $16 each.[16]

Maxx Zeroid Edition

"Standard forty-one piece fully Glyos-compatible Robo Force® kit - it's the return of Maxx Zero! You can also use him in combination with the special edition Zintar to make the incredible Super Zeroid!"

Maxx Zero - Maxx Zeroid Edition. First released at New Jersey Comic Con on August 12-13th, 2017.[17] Released online on August 20th, 2017. $25 each.

Additional Modes

Maxx Zero Advanced Form

"Advanced Form Maxx Zero, buildable using all 41 parts from the first Robo Force kit."[18]

Maxx Zero Final Battle Form

Maxx Zero in Final Battle Form (Classic Edition kit used) with Maxx Zero Advanced Form (Genesis kit used.)[19]

Maxx Zero Force Sync Armor

A second Force Sync ability was discovered called Force Sync Armor when Maxx/Vanguard touched a Guardian of Celestia which fell to pieces. The metal containing the Zeroids STAR Team symbol attached to Maxx/Vanguard's chest, shifting pieces of his form to match the color of the metal. The newfound armor only lasts for seventy seconds before burning out, but grants a feeling of being an invincible warrior of legend.

Armored Maxx Zero

Instructions posted along with the release of Glyaxia Disguise Maxx.

Deep Dive Maxx Zero

I hope everyone is having a fun holiday season and here's a Maxx build to get your creative spirit flowing! Meet DEEP DIVE MAXX ZERO![20]

Dreadnought Maxx Zero

Vanguard's triple-power and Glyaxian origins have given him the ability to Force Sync with Maxx Zero to create Dreadnought Maxx Zero. So far the official configuration is unreleased.[21]

Protector Maxx Zero

Alternate Protector Maxx Zero build possible with the Classic Sentinel[22]

Alternate Maxx Zeros


See: Acromaxx


See: Dred-Maxx

Elite Glyaxia Protector Drone

Instructions posted along with the release of Glyaxia Disguise Maxx.

Gendrone Rebellion Maxx

See: Gendrone Rebellion Maxx



Proto Steel Maxx

See: Proto Steel Maxx

Tomy Maxx

See: Tomy Maxx



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