The Man from Alpha Centauri
Vital statistics
Name Metalmorpho
Race Clone
Home Planet Third Satellite of Alpha Centauri


Able to transform himself at will, Metamorpho set forth many centuries ago, from the great star Alpha Centauri, to explore the Universe. By taking on the physical characteristics of the inhabitants of the different worlds he visits, he is able to walk unnoticed among them and study their ways. In his travels, he has changed himself into so many wild and alien forms that he has long ago forgotten what his own was like. Thus, Metamorpho has come to know all the strange and wonderful beings in the Universe, and understand the "Oneness" of all life everywhere.[1] Having transformed himself into every possible configuration in the "Animal" Kingdom, “Metamorpho” felt the need to explore. Therefore he ventured forth into the two realms remaining , "Vegetable" and "Mineral". His adventures as a vegetable remains a tale to tell. But for now, it can be known that “Metamorpho” became “METALMORPHO”, when Minerals replaced Flesh and Bone.[2]


Cosmic Creators Edition Birnkrant EditionEdit

Production PVC Metalmorpho - The Man from Alpha Centauri. Silver with Gold Chrome accessories. Glyos-compatible. Accessories: Ray gun, other gun, spare arms, chest piece and head knob. First released on February 10th, 2012. Carded figure. Limited Edition to 100 pieces. Sold as a set with Blazing Inferno, Goldiac, and Deep Blue Ultra-Nautilus. $125 each 4 figure set.


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