The Tyrant
Vital statistics
Name Nazgar
Race Zetonian, Zeroids
Home Planet Zeton


Robo Force Animated SpecialEdit

Over 10 years ago a scientist, Dr. Fury, was researching how to transfer a brain into a robot body when he was kidnapped by Hun-Dred and the Cult of Dred. Their goal was to transfer the 2,000 year old preserved brain of the evil dictator Nazgar the Tyrant into a new robot form by using Dr. Fury's experimental techniques. Reviving Nazgar was a success and he soon set out to reconquer Zeton, the planet he had ruled in his previous life.


Original Ideal Toys Nazgar prototype toy (Close up)

Nazgar Mk1

Nazgar the Tyrant from the Animated Special

In present day Mark Fury, son of Dr. Fury, has constructed Maxx Steele and his friends to help find his missing father. Their search, along with Deena Strong, leads them to the new headquarters of Nazgar and the Cult of Dred nearby with a laser weapon ready to be used on the Zetonian people. A confrontation quickly occurs and Nazgar escapes while Maxx Steele and company stop the Cult of Dred's nefarious plans. With the laser weapon destroyed and Dr. Fury saved, Zeton has new champions to confront the possible return of Nazgar the Tyrant. (Synopsis of Ruby Spears animated feature.[1])

Most notably Nazgar's robot body had the ability to grow. His legs extended at the boot allowing Nazgar grow to 1.5 times in height over his enemies.[2]


Maxx Zero meets The Cult of DredEdit


Knight of Darkness fending off Bat creatures

Reborn, Maxx Zero and ZEM escape into the city of Celestia, looking for a way to overthrow Nazgar and the CULT OF DRED, return order to Zeton, and unravel the secret of the Hidden Fortresses of Steele. With allies freed from the claws of Hun-Dred the Conqueror through ZEM's Dynagenesis Effect and an ever-increasing series of powerful adversaries... The original Steele-Forged hero Maxx Zero and the Robo Force battle for the freedom of all living creatures!

Darkness ReturnsEdit

The Knight of Darkness found himself on Diavolus where he was currently battling the local population of bat-like creatures when he was recalled to Zeton by Nazgar.

Hun-Dred ReforgedEdit


Hun-Dred Reforged

After Hun-Dred's traumatic experience at the hands of Maxx Zero and ZEM busting out of lab seventeen in Celestia, the Knight of Darkness was ordered to find a new alloy to allow Nazgar and his NEM scientists to reforge his long time soldier into something better than he was before. With Solution Fourteen stolen from the Gendrone Rebellion, Hun-Dred rises again, tougher than ever. Hun-Dred locked down Celestia, and created Battlestar in his own image with one purpose: capture Maxx Zero and ZEM.

The Rust Rain of ZetonEdit


Battlestar's Guardian of Celestia


A page from the Toyfinity Robo Force comic book featuring the Rust Rain of Zeton

The unexpected activation of Maxx Zero - and his subsequent defeat of Hun-Dred - caused a change in Nazgar’s long-term plans. Subjugating the Zetonian robots and finding a Z-Core to prolong his life had brought Nazgar to Zeton; now opportunity had presented him with a functioning machine - a working Z-Core. All he had to do was catch him.

The problem was, the Cult of Dred did not have a standing army. The Conquest Destroyer was staffed by a skeleton crew of technicians and the Carren – not a warrior among them. The advanced weapons capabilities of Maxx Zero, as well as the unknown energy abilities of ZEM, would be difficult to overcome. The initial answer came from the enslaved Zetonians; Nazgar’s "rust rain" had erased their minds and reduced them to a simple set of commands. A Zetonian robot-construction facility was converted into a factory to build the machines of war. Each mechanoid was stripped down and outfitted with a new unified face and rudimentary Zetonian weaponry. With a set of new internal commands created by the Cult of Dred, these new Guardian robots were sent out to find Maxx Zero and destroy him. However, the limited mental capacity of the Guardians – running a program which did not give them much independent thought – was a major hindrance, along with the available raw materials for weapons on Zeton yielding only basic blasters. Nazgar tasked the Knight with finding him the perfect prototypes off-world to create a new group of elite soldiers.

Nazgar the Tyrant Lives!Edit


Nazgar returns with Zeroid technology

The greatest threat to MAXX ZERO and the ROBO FORCE is here!


Fueled by the power of Zandor's Z-Core, the legendary energy source of the Prime Zeroids, the Ultimate Tyrant can finally face Maxx head on in mortal combat - when he's not in his disguise of SUPER ZEROID BLACK and searching for the ultimate Zeroid weapon!

The development of the Super Zeroid Black was one of Zemo THE HUNTER's pet projects, but Assassin had never seen one until that day on Nesreta. The Zeroid artifacts were within his grasp, until Super Zeroid Black showed up and stole them away.


Super Zeroid Black

Super Zeroid Black and his assistants, the Technician Zeroids, are on the same quest for Zeroid technology, though Assassin cannot recognize the design of the Super Zeroid Black from his database... not that he has been able to contact Zintar The Explorer for a number of years now to discern the origin of Super Zeroid Black.

Now these two Zeroid warriors engage in a game of cat and mouse, searching for the legacy of the Zeroids... though Super Zeroid Black has an agenda of his own that will affect the entire universe because what they don't know is that Super Zeroid Black is secretly Nazgar THE TYRANT![3]

With his acquisition of a Z-Core, the most powerful energy source for mechanical beings in the known universe, Nazgar is able to shed his old life-sustaining biosuit and create an entirely new form for himself out of Zeroid technology. Will MAXX ZERO and the Robo Force be able to stop him?

The Origin of the NazareenEdit


Combing the jungle surface

"The forces of Darkness comb the jungle planet, backed up by the power of CRUEL the DETONATOR...

It was with great disappointment that NAZGAR the TYRANT learned of the defeat of the Darkness Soldiers by MAXX ZERO and his ROBO FORCE on the jungle planet of the HUNTER ZEROIDS. The Zeroids, his greatest enemy... those who had taken his flesh and blood from him... their reappearance did not bode well for Nazgar's long-term plans. Even with his new body, fueled by one of the Zeroid's own Z-CORES, Nazgar still felt the fear which had creeped into his soul during the hundreds of years he was previously trapped in a small meti-plex jar. It could be no coincidence that they were seen again so close chronologically to when Maxx Zero appeared on Zeton - in a Zeroid Exploration Module to boot. If Commander Zogg still functioned somewhere... Nazgar resolved himself. Was he not the subjugator of worlds? The lone warrior in a crusade against the false gods of a thousand worlds? Maxx Zero - the Robo Force - the Zeroids - they were only problems to be solved.

New strategies were needed.

Nazareen002 collage

Cruel and Brutal join the Darkness Soldiers


Brutal brings up the rear

Nazgar left ZETON in the care of Battlestar the Guardian while Hun-Dred recovered from the Battle at Futura One. He would infiltrate the Zeroids using the transformation capabilities of his new form, in a new body lost to legend and discovered by the Cult of Dred - a "Super Zeroid". At the same time, he sent Cruel and Brutal to the jungle planet with a simple mission: find and capture a Zeroid... for a blasphemous experiment.

Commanding a literal army of Darkness Soldiers, Brutal and Cruel stalk their prey with the dark forces at their command! The terrain of the jungle planet varies, necessitating the use of Hover Tanks for some of the Soldiers. Immense foliage hides the energy signatures of the Zeroids. Cruel's silent form watches over the Darkness Soldiers. He supplies a special weapon to the commander of the Darkness which will be able to stun the Zeroid, should they find one. Brutal sings a ridiculous tune about "devil Zeroids in the tall grass" as he tears up the earth with his hooked arms.

Nazareen007 collage

Hunter Zeroid captured

A Zeroid darts out from its hiding place, but Brutal moves with unearthly reflexes. "I've got one, Cruel bay-bey!" Brutal exclaims. The Darkness Soldiers rush over, weapons at the ready. A Magnet Blaster shot knocks one Soldier unconscious. The hover tank moves into place, blasting the Hunter Zeroid with incredible concentrated magnetic force. The shock sends the Zeroid into a powered down state.

Now the experiment can begin.

With the Zeroid stunned, Cruel signals through his incredible communication antennae with his dark master, Nazgar. A short time later, a Darkness Soldier bears witness to the technological desecration to come. Nazgar has arrived! His brain rises from the shielding on top of his body, no longer stuck in a jar due to the infusion of Z-Core energy and Manglor blood! "Good job, my warriors." proclaims Nazgar. "The experiment can now begin." Though Cruel did not speak, Nazgar could sense that his silent warrior enjoyed the encouragement.

Nazareen008 collage



Nazareen Neo Zeroid in final form

From his techno-pack, Nazgar draws a biological horror - the Nazareen, a mass of tissue derived from his own superior restructured genetics. Its programming is known only to Nazgar, but it surely does not carry good tidings for the Zeroids. The creature is attached, a secretion of biological rust agents dripping onto the metals of the Hunter Zeroid. It digs into the casing that holds the brain mechanisms of the Zeroid, attaching itself deeply, learning the secrets of body configurations, weapon capabilities. Long dormant self-defense mechanisms take over, erasing the mind of the Zeroid before secret memories can be obtained. The machine and the flesh become one.

In its final moments, the Hunter Zeroid awakens, feels the pain of the Nazareen digging into its circuitry - whatever the approximation of pain the long-ago First Zeroid programmed into his progeny was equivalent to. His final thought before the creature and self-defense programming erased his mind, his personality, his soul forever was of ZEMO THE HUNTER. The Zeroid made a wish... a wish that his Zeroid patron would avenge this blasphemy against mechanical life.


Nazgar celebrates their success

The creature finished the changes in the body of the Neo Zeroid, creating a mobility system for it to move. Programmed with hate on a biological level, the Nazareen use Zeroid technology against the Prime Zeroids in a quest to subjugate the mechanical beings of the universe! Nazgar and his warriors celebrate the blending of flesh and machine!"[4]


Prime Zeroid EditionEdit

"Nazgar was the legendary unreleased "big bad" of the Robo Force line, shown in the 1985 Ideal Catalog but never released - and now you can own him!"

Production Super Zeroid Black and Technician Zeroid aka NAZGAR the TYRANT! Ships in Maxx Zero and Explorer configuration with an additional SPECIAL FIRST EDITION Nazgar head only available here! BUILD THE ULTIMATE TYRANT! OR build SUPER ZEROID BLACK, Nazgar's secret identity, and the Nazguardian / Technician Zeroid! Metallic Black with Red Accents and Zeroid Z tampo. 58 pieces. Released February 7th, 2016. $35 each.

Additional ModesEdit

Nazarran Battle SuitEdit

The Nazarran are horrible creations of NAZGAR THE TYRANT - and now, they have gotten their slimy tendrils on advanced versions of Nazgar's battle suit! Maxx Zero won't know what hit him!

You can build the Nazarran Battle Suit by combining one Robo Force kit and one Zeroid kit (which includes the Nazarran head.[5]



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