Neo Zeroid Assassin
Neo Zeroid
Vital statistics
Name Neo Zeroid Assassin
Race Zeroids
Home Planet Zero


The ReawakeningEdit

After their reawakening on a strange beast-filled world, with the loss of their history and knowledge, the Zeroids looked to reestablish themselves in the universe. Led by Zintar THE EXPLORER and Zerak THE DESTROYER, the Zeroids escaped into space in a barely-functioning makeshift Exploration Module and began a search for a new home to replace their lost Planet Zero.

The Zeroid AscendancyEdit

Many years later... The Zeroid Ascendancy has been fractured.

Key philosophical differences between Zintar and Zerak, without the firm claws of Commander Zogg to guide them, have led to different evolutionary paths for these mechanical wonders. The tribes of the Prime Zeroids have gone their own ways, interacting very little over the interceding years.

NEO ZEROID ASSASSIN, modeled after the Neo form of his patron Zintar, is charged with one mission: recovering Zeroid technology from the hands of the organics - or destroying it.

Assassin employs the newest in Zeroid technology - a Magnet Blaster replaces the old Magnet Hand, turning it into a powerful weapon against all types of life, while the magnetic generator tied to his Beta Core allows him to float over most surfaces. He lives in a natural state of distrust after the instances of sheer ignorance he has witnessed from other beings. He hopes to one day return the artifacts he and his partner have found to Zintar...though it has been many years since Zintar has returned a communication.[1]

Nazgar the Tyrant Lives!Edit


Nazgar returns with Zeroid technology

The development of the Super Zeroid Black was one of Zemo THE HUNTER's pet projects, but Assassin had never seen one until that day on Nesreta. The Zeroid artifacts were within his grasp, until Super Zeroid Black showed up and stole them away.

Super Zeroid Black and his assistants, the Technician Zeroids, are on the same quest for Zeroid technology, though Assassin cannot recognize the design of the Super Zeroid Black from his database... not that he has been able to contact Zintar The Explorer for a number of years now to discern the origin of Super Zeroid Black.

Now these two Zeroid warriors engage in a game of cat and mouse, searching for the legacy of the Zeroids... though Super Zeroid Black has an agenda of his own that will affect the entire universe because what they don't know is that Super Zeroid Black is secretly Nazgar THE TYRANT and is protected by the loyal Nazguardians![2]

The Great HuntEdit

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Neo Zeroid Hunter Tribe

The long battles on Diavolus were over... Maxx Zero and the Robo Force had gained new friends in Neo Zeroid Assassin and Zeroid Striker, as well as a new mission: find the Prime Zeroids and unlock the secrets of planet Zeton!

The journey took Maxx, his second-in-command and hotheaded brother-in-arms Sentinel the Protector, Assassin, and Striker deep into sections of the galaxy untouched since the explorations of the STAR Team generations before. The signal of a Zeroid Sensor Station drew the Force's attention; Assassin demanded they investigate, in case any Zeroid was still functioning on the planet.

Deep in the foliage of a jungle planet, the Robo Force discovered a forgotten tribe of HUNTER NEO ZEROIDS...

Led by the first-constructed of Zeroid Zemo himself, Zemorian. Burnt-out circuitry and faulty memory chips had driven Zemorian into a paranoid state. He believed that any visitor to the planet was trying to take their jungle away - and would have to prove their claim to the planet by undergoing Zemo's test - the Great Hunt.

Stripped of their weapons, Maxx and the team must once again find a way to prevail over a superior foe - another impossible mission for the Robo Force!

Darkness FallsEdit


Darkness Soldiers appear!

But there was a greater problem on the horizon... What the Hunters did not know was that another group had tracked their signal - a group that believed the resurgence of the Zeroids would lead to the destruction of the universe. And so, it was time for the shroud of Darkness to fall once again.

The DARKNESS SOLDIERS entered the jungle with simple orders - bring back any mechanoid powered by a Z-Core (the energy source at the heart of the Prime Zeroids AND Maxx Zero) and destroy the rest. Who will survive this conflict of wills in the primal elements of a planet untamed by technology or men? The Hunters? The Hunted? Or a literal legion of Darkness?[3]

The Hunter's ChallengeEdit

Arjox profile

Arjox of the Neo Zeroid Hunter Tribe

Zemo had built Zemorian using the modular Neo Zeroid technology developed after the Prime Zeroids escaped from the planet of the beasts. As children are apt to do, Zemorian disagreed with his "father" over the specifics of the Great Hunt - any entities they came across were their prey, where ZEMO believed more in the purity of hunting evil creatures to hone their skills.

Zemorian stole a ZEM Saucer and twenty blank Explorer Neo Zeroids, escaping into the universe. Eventually, they found a jungle planet to settle on, awaiting those who would participate in the Great Hunt.

Zemorian built the Explorer Zeroids to their original specs, later granting those who made a successful kill in the hunt a second form. This was made all the more difficult, as one of the main tenets of being a Hunter was only using the magnet blaster to create spiked weapons and not as a blaster.

Explorer mode Zeroids used a specific module as their head, containing most of their brain technology. The dome worn on the Explorer head was mainly ornamental when compared to Zintar's original body, so Zemorian made the dome into a weapon: a deadly cutting disc which could be thrown in the hunt. The chest emblem worn by the Explorers became a mohawk of sorts for these second form Hunters, signifying their passage into Hunter status.

After the Darkness Soldiers were thwarted in their crusade to destroy the Robo Force, Maxx left Zemorian and the Hunters to their own devices. One Hunter wanted more though. Arjox saw the insanity of his creator, asking Maxx if he could join the quest for the Prime Zeroids. Maxx agreed, the Robo Force gaining a new member.[4]


Neo Zeroid EditionEdit

Production Neo Zeroid Assassin. Explorer configuration. Metallic Black with Red Accents and Zeroid Z tampo. 16 pieces. Help him complete his divine mandate to protect the Zeroid race! Released February 7th, 2016. $14 each.



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