Neo Zeroid Assassin
Neo Zeroid
Vital statistics
Name Neo Zeroid Assassin
Race Zeroids
Home Planet Zero


The first of the Neo Zeroids figures released to the public outside of Club Zeton membership. Assassin's design was based on the Neo form of Zintar and sent on a special mission to recover Zeroid tech from organic life. He is joined by Zeroid Striker, a loyal companion and protector, and soon meets Maxx Zero's Robo Force team.


See: The Return of the Zeroids


Neo Zeroid Edition

Production Neo Zeroid Assassin. Explorer configuration. Metallic Black with Red Accents and Zeroid Z tampo. 16 pieces. Help him complete his divine mandate to protect the Zeroid race! Released February 7th, 2016. $14 each.


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