The Man from Neptune
Vital statistics
Name Neoautilus
Species Triton
Origin Neptune


Deep beneath the stormy seas of Neptune, great cities loom majestically in the shimmering twilight of a vast and beautiful water world. Here the mighty Triton peoples live. Not content to see the sun as but a glimmer and the stars as tiny ripples floating on the surface of the sea above, Astro-Nautilus and his band of Triton mariners venture forth to sail and chart that greater ocean, Outer Space. Often visiting our planet, they land, secretly, without all human knowledge, in the very depths of Earth’s great oceans.


Cosmic Creators Edition Four Horsemen Edition

Production PVC Neonautilus - The Man from Neptune. Purple with Translucent Green accessories. Glyos-compatible. Accessories: Staff. First released on July 2010. Carded figure. Limited Edition. Sold as a set with Glowdiac, Megamorpho, and Phospherno. $65 each 4 figure set.