Outer Space Men
The Colorform Aliens Return
Product Line
Product Line Outer Space Men
Company Four Horsemen Studio (formerly), (current)
Species Human, Martian, Plutonian, Triton, Venusian, Volcan
Origin Solar System
Main Character(s) None
Faction(s) None
Also see Power Lords


Act fast and catch a glimpse of the Outer Space Men, before these otherworldly ambassadors return to the stars! The line features themed waves for the figures: Alpha Phase, Beta Phase, White Star Edition, Cosmic Creators Edition, Galactic Holiday Edition, Infinity Edition, and Cosmic Radiation Edition.

Outer Space Men is the first 1:18 scale Glyos-compatible toyline produced by Four Horsemen Studio based on the 1960s bendable figure line the same name produced by Colorforms. The line's original inventor, Mel Birnkrant, is involved with their design. Four Horsemen Studio retired the line in 2014. brought back the line in 2016.

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