Space Traveler Pheyden
The Original Pocket Traveler
Vital statistics
Name Space Traveler Pheyden
Race Traveler
Home Planet Unknown


"With the power to travel through the Edge of Space and anywhere, the Traveler sees all." - Excerpt from Rechlen and Aves Photo Real Guide

Space Traveler Pheyden is an alien from the Glyos System and the flagship character of the Glyos System Series.

Character HistoryEdit


Pheyden Mechanical art[1]

"Buildman was truly the first sculpt specifically created to be as interchangeable as possible at the time, with the fit function appearing in many new locations. In contrast, Pheyden was originally engineered for just the most basic of parts swapping, focusing more on looks than functionality."[2]

"When Matt and I started working together, one of the first things we created was a blind box series of toys for a company we both used to work for called Beantown Toys. In addition to developing characters and designing packaging, a critical part of our duties was constructing color mechanicals for overseas production. These are basically PDF blueprints for the factory workers to follow. Matt would draw the line art, I'd convert them to vectors, and then we would digitally paint the figures. This became not only the launching pad for many of our current methodologies, but it was also the start of our late-night insanity trying to make deadlines for China. Fact: a mechanical is not ready to be submitted until it has been tweaked one last time between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 AM. Hence, Formanchies and other horrid midnight snacks were created and consumed all too often.

We've developed a fairly steady system of generating Glyos mechanicals over the years. Matt will put together the initial palette of colors (usually connected to a specific story arc), then we'll play around with the PMS codes (Pantone Matching System... not the most regal acronym for the rainbow) and see what color families work well together. I'll make a master page displaying the full wave of figures and we'll proceed to tweak it all until everything comes together as a unit. We're normally together for the leg work of this, but often we'll spend days or weeks editing the line up, leading to 50+ strings in our email conversations about the outer eye color of a Pheyden. It can become all consuming- since we assemble these batches so far in advance, we constantly need to switch gears and refocus on what we started months ago to get ready for the next release. It's a cyclical, challenging process for sure, but in the end very rewarding. As satisfying as the colors look on our monitors, nothing compares to holding a production figure in natural lighting."[3]


Alternate PheydensEdit


Pheyden through the alternate dimensions and timelines

"Owing to his ability to travel through the Edge of Space and phase throughout time, Pheyden has actually split into many versions of himself. He exists simultaneously in many different realities and sometimes even works with these alternate versions of himself if the need should arise. Each Pheyden has his own personality, but still follows the code of keeping infinity in order. Scar Pheyden was called to Eidrallis to assist the first Pheyden in containing a viral outbreak that was driving the Eidrallim to destroy one another. Having phased from a reality that was harsh and chaotic, Scar Pheyden was a natural choice for dealing with the suddenly violent climate of planet Eidrallis. Mounting a Claw Crawler, he readies for an inevitable clash with the normally peaceful Eidrallim."[4]

Alternate Pheydens: PhanostEdit


Pheyden vs Phanost art by Jesse Moore[5]

"Alternate Pheydens exist in many different dimensions and throughout time in the Glyos System and beyond. As each version of Pheyden evolves and changes, so does each ones appearance and personality. Sometimes these variations decide to change not just how they look but also their names. Phanost is one such Pheyden. Perhaps almost as legendary as the original Pheyden himself, Phanost is a mystery to all who encounter him. Though the name Phanost is well known across the dimensions and time streams of Glyos, Phanost's mission and purpose are difficult to understand. The First Pheyden has worked with, and against Phanost and sees a vastly different piece of himself when he looks into this reflection of his own eyes. Some say that Phanost wants to deny his legacy, to sever the connection with his cosmic brothers and create his own destiny. One thing is for certain, as Phanost continues to change, the reason for his existence will become clear to all beings in the Glyos System, especially Pheyden."[6]

Crayboth AssaultEdit

Pheyden testing out his Phase Armor Mk. II finds himself quickly surrounded by Crayboth.

Villser ConfrontationEdit

"Pheyden wears a special Trapping Suit to aid him in stopping a renegade Villser that has boarded the Edgeliner Delphi in an attempt to absorb Aves."[7]

Bio Pheyden VS Shadow VillserEdit


Bio Pheyden VS Shadow Villser

"After the first encounter with the alien absorbing Villser, Pheyden summoned another version of himself that was better suited for combat with these deep space beasts. Enter Bio Pheyden, one of the strongest alternate Pheydens in any known dimension. Wearing a special hardened Flexion Suit, Bio Pheyden actually comes from a world infested with the Villser species. The Shadow Villser is perhaps the most efficient and dangerous form that these beasts can evolve into, capable of hopping through dimension rifts to spread their deadly menace. Bio Pheyden had been tracking a group of them for some time and was more than ready to strike when the first Pheyden contacted him for assistance. However, things took an unexpected turn when Bio Pheyden got into some trouble..."[8]

Bio Pheyden Villser MutationEdit

"After nearly being destroyed by a renegade Villser, Bio Pheyden begins to lose control of his form, strangely mutating into hybrid creature. Somehow the wounds inflicted by the Villser infect Bio Pheyden's system, causing a unique transformation into an advanced, all new lifeform. This new specimen's first act is to create two smaller clones to do it's bidding . Is there any part of Bio Pheyden's mind left in this beast? Is this the true power of the Villser, to corrupt all living things? A Pheyden from a deadly dimension may hold the answers..."[9]

The Cliffs of GranthanEdit


The battle of powers

With nowhere left to hide among the Granthan Corps, Govurom revealed himself once again. The Lost Sincroid Army took the chance to clear out to allow the Buildman to complete the mission he was called in to do. The Infiltrator fired his Buildman blaster only to be matched by the full strength of Govurom's powers in a bright clash of light. The crusty Traveler's head throbbed as he pushed himself further to inch the competing beams towards the Buildman. The feedback from the two powers was building when a bright flash of light lit over the scene.

Pheyden appeared, the clash had finally caught his attention on this little outworld planet. As if he was speaking to the sky, Pheyden spoke "...Command their fate." Govurom and Buildman Infiltrator's fate was sealed with a choice from beyond their reach.


"You were destined... for more than this."

A pile of ash remained where Govurom had once stood. Pheyden took this moment to warp before the Buildman, but the designed response was to raise the Buildman weapon once again against this new Traveler. Reaching out, Pheyden waved his hand changing the visor of the Infiltrator from its original red to a calm blue. Slowly the weapon lowered. The Buildman was puzzled by the sudden change. "You were destined... for more than this." the blue Traveler spoke. "You have a new mission." Reaching out his hand again, Pheyden warped the Buildman away and then himself.

The Ghosts of NemicaEdit


Pheyden near Nemica

During the "Old War", planet Nemica was attacked by the sinister Villser Virus. To save Nemica from becoming a Villser homeworld, Capital planet Metran used a deadly "Bio-Paralyzer" freezing all life in one moment. Now strange echoes call from Nemica's lonely past. Suddenly...

Floating near Nemica in deep space, Pheyden paused for a moment as if he heard a whisper. He was puzzled, Nemica had been a dead planet for far too long for anything to still be alive now. Still, he had to investigate. Quickly he warped the great distance from the far reaches of Nemica's last gravity wells to the planet's chilly surface. A snowfall had begun, but not enough to cover up the metal head of an ancient Gobon poking out next to his feet.

Pheyden was confused to say the least. "This is Old War technology." he finally said. "Very dangerous..."

Alternate RealityEdit

"After suffering intense damage in pursuit of a rogue Traveler, Pheyden found himself drifting near the Edge of Space. Unable to generate enough energy to warp to safety, he started to fade into the dreaded Edge. Suddenly, from within this nebulous zone, a strange alien, Xodiac, appeared. He offered to save Pheyden in exchange for the Secrets of Glyaxian Technology. Left with no other choice for survival, Pheyden agreed to Xodiac's cosmic deal.

Now, many cycles later in a time of widespread conflict, Xodiac returns to the Glyos System, summoned by his bond to Pheyden and his old alliance with Glyaxia Command...."[10]

Cosmic Gladiators: Rock BattleEdit

"Rex outside today for a little battle with the completely outmatched Traveler Lymerran Pheyden (even with some Ultra Silver armor on). Who knows, maybe it was just a training exercise."[11][12]

The FoundersEdit

Wave 1

Standard PheydenEdit

Gear's Edge PheydenEdit

Phase PheydenEdit

Crayboth FrontierEdit

Wave 2

Frontier PheydenEdit

Nebula PheydenEdit

Rothan PheydenEdit

Mystery TrioEdit

Wave 3

Andromeda PheydenEdit

Cosmic Wave PheydenEdit

Eclipse PheydenEdit

Pulse WaveEdit

Wave 4

Pulse PheydenEdit

Real Type IEdit

Wave 5

Standard Pheyden Mk. IIEdit

Reverse PheydenEdit

Alcray PheydenEdit

Arquem PheydenEdit

Ballim PheydenEdit

Dimension PheydenEdit

Legion PheydenEdit

Metran PheydenEdit

Plasma PheydenEdit

Ranic PheydenEdit

Wraith PheydenEdit Exclusive SDCC (July 2008)

See: Wraith Pheyden

The Ghosts of NemicaEdit

Wave 8

Prisoner PheydenEdit

The initial release of Standard Armodoc and Reverse Armodoc included a special Prisoner Pheyden, representing the ghosts of Travelers absorbed by the Armodocs.

Glyaxia IEdit

Wave 10

Dormaco PheydenEdit

Glyaxia PheydenEdit

Reverse Glyaxia PheydenEdit

Stealth PheydenEdit

Soul of the TravelerEdit

Wave 11

Classified PheydenEdit

Gatekeeper VollusEdit

Rig Operator KlaceEdit

See: Rig Operator Klace Pheyden

Henshin IEdit

Wave 12

Neo Phase PheydenEdit

Henshin IIEdit

Wave 13

Gliporian PheydenEdit

See: Gliporian Pheyden

Spectre PheydenEdit

Experimental Mechanics DivisionEdit

Wave 19

EMD Commander RynevoEdit

See: Experimental Mechanics Division Commander Rynevo

Stealth Dimension DivisionEdit

Wave 21

Neo Voss PheydenEdit

Clear Aqua Green with painted eyes. No extra head included. $8

Nonillia PheydenEdit

Clear Pink with infused Sparkle Bits and painted eyes. No extra head included. $8

Classified Pheyden Mk. IIEdit

See: Classified Pheyden Mk. II Traveler Klace

Remnant PheydenEdit

No extra head included.

Record of the DelphiEdit

Wave 22

Shining PheydenEdit

Neo Wave PheydenEdit

Versirran PheydenEdit

Hades ForceEdit

Wave 23

Classified Pheyden Mk. IIIEdit

See: Classified Pheyden Mk. II Traveler Klace

Spectre Pheyden Mk. IIEdit

GITD Green with painted eyes. $8

Armorvors AttackEdit

Wave 24

Neo Nebula PheydenEdit

Light Purple/Grey detail lines with painted eyes. $8

The Council Of TravelersEdit

Wave 25

Traveler Urballim PheydenEdit

See: Traveler Urballim Pheyden

Traveler Neo Legion PheydenEdit

Metallic Light Blue with Gray detail lines and Red painted eyes - includes scarf. $8

Traveler Ullexono PheydenEdit

See: Traveler Ullexono Pheyden

Operation: SonesidarEdit

Wave 26

Commander LorsailusEdit

See: Commander Lorsailus

Neo Phase Pheyden Mk. IIEdit

Clear Neon Green with Green eyes. $8

Buildstation: StealthEdit

Wave 28

Standard Pheyden Mk. IVEdit

Light Blue/Grey with Grey eyes and Grey detail lines. $8

Reverse Pheyden Mk. IIEdit

Grey/Light Blue with Pink eyes and Grey detail lines. $8

Stealth Pheyden Mk. IIIEdit

with painted eyes and scarf. $8

Source PheydenEdit

Light Blue with Grey eyes. $8

Source Reverse PheydenEdit

Grey with Pink eyes. $8

Ivorinium PheydenEdit

White Pearlescent with Blue eyes. $8

Monsters VS RobotsEdit

Wave 29

Lymerran PheydenEdit

Enigma SourceEdit

Wave 30

Neo Gatekeeper SullonevEdit

See: Neo Gatekeeper Sullonev

Super CraybothEdit

Wave 38

Crayhunter Commander KullkizerEdit

See: Crayhunter Commander Kullkizer

Crayhunter Commander VullestrenEdit

See: Crayhunter Commander Vullestren

Rig Crew IIEdit

Wave 39

Commander KlaceEdit

See: Rig Crew Commander Klace

Tracker's WayEdit

Wave 40

Traveler HarcoriunEdit

See: Traveler Harcoriun

The Andromeda EffectEdit

Wave 49

Standard Pheyden Mk. VEdit

Light Blue/ Gray painted upper arms and thighs/ Gray eyes/ Dark Gray detail lines. $8

Dark Gliporian PheydenEdit

See: Dark Gliporian Pheyden

Stealth Pheyden Mk. IVEdit

Chariot's KeepEdit

Wave 56

Pheyden EvenollusEdit

See: Pheyden Evenollus

Pheyden Marezoic DroneEdit

13 total parts. $10 each.

Quest of the QuallerranEdit

Wave 58

Pheyden Eclipse Mk. IIEdit

13 total parts. $10 each.

Pheyden Frontier Mk. IIEdit

13 total parts. $10 each.

Capture RunEdit

Wave 60

Capture PheydenEdit

13 total parts. $10 each.

Into the VectorEdit

Wave 61

Commander Nillin PheydenEdit

See: Commander Nillin


Special Edition 2017 Mystery Figure #1. 14 total parts. $12 each.

Hyper Henshin Go!Edit

Wave 62


See: Rayexx

Silverborg PheydenEdit

13 Total Parts. $10 each.

The Skate WarsEdit

Wave 63

Pheyden ZarduracEdit

Includes bonus mystery OSM weapons. 14 Total Parts. $10


Wave 64

Traveler VekurrekEdit

Includes scarf. 14 total parts. $11


Special Edition 2017 Mystery Figure #4. 13 total parts. $12


Original Spectre PheydenEdit

Scrapped figure during Wave 3. Hands/feet were switched to Andromeda Pheyden while others were used for the Sky Deviler crossover figure.[13]

Anti-Matter PheydenEdit

The original arrangement of Wave 3/Wave 4 figures Eclipse Pheyden and Empire Exellis.[15]



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