Radioactive Kabuto Mushi
Escaped Radioactive Warriors
Vital statistics
Name Radioactive Kabuto Mushi
Race Beetorian
Home Planet Sectivorus


Partial transmission recovered as follows, " After a radioactive metamorphosis, a rare twin pair of Kabuto Mushi emerge from their subterranean lair. The pair stands on a rocky outcrop displaying their super-charged bioluminescent exoskeletons, unaware they are being hunted by Glyaxia Command... The radioactive Kabuto Mushi twins metamorphosize, adapting to the harsh environment."


Radioactive GreenEdit

Production Radioactive Green Kabuto Mushi - Clear Neon Green with Clear Neon Pink. 26 total parts with Mini Mushi. Released June 1st, 2014. $12 each.[1]

Radioactive PinkEdit

Production Radioactive Pink Kabuto Mushi - Clear Neon Pink with Clear Neon Green. 26 total parts with Mini Mushi. Released June 1st, 2014. $12 each.[2]



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