Rise of the Beasts
RotBlogo solo sm
Welcome to the Jungle
Product Line
Product Line Rise of the Beasts
Company LittleRubberGuys
Race(s) Various
Homeplanet Unknown
Main Character(s) None
Faction(s) None
Also see None


A war is brewing and only the strongest will survive...

LittleRubberGuys ReleasesEdit


  • Gaamik - Rhino Warrior
  • Cahriv - Scorpion Warrior
  • Bal Kharn - Rhino Warrior
  • Cerula - Scorpion Warrior
  • Asayid - Lion Warrior (Planned)
  • Guwrah - Gorilla Warrior (Planned)
  • Khabasat - Horned Lizard Warrior (Planned)
  • "Unnamed" - Ant Warrior (Planned)


  • Weapons Pack (Planned)

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