Sir DeLuka Deluc
Royal Knight
Royal Knight
Vital statistics
Name Sir DeLuka Deluc
Race Human
Home Planet Earth


Originally the Knights of the Slice were portrayed by hired union actors for live events. As the need for the Knights to run security alongside deliveries increased, the huge insurance liability for putting outside contractors at risk was too much to bare. So Pizza Shunt CEO Fred had the idea to use corporate staff, with the proper training, as security. With employee contracts already covering any fatal eventualities, Fred could fill the suits with his own people.

Unfortunately, 99% of his staff was morbidly obese due to constantly eating Pizza Shunt’s offerings, so filling the role came down to who could actually fit into the suit’s measurements.

NAME: Royal Knight

NICKNAME: Ye Olde Knight


POWERS: None to speak off, very good at knightery

WEAKNESSES: Very vexed by present-day technology

BIO: King Uther's most trusted Knight, Royal, had the esteemed task of protecting the food stock for all of Briton's kingdom. His heroics prevented the evil shape shifter, The Chaos King, from poisoning the grain in Uther's vast underground stores. After besting the Chaos King and his Glow minions, Royal did not hesitate in chasing him into a magical Vector portal. A huge gap of timespace followed, with Royal being spit out in present day. He was found floating in the waters off of Miami, rescued by Vice Knight (utilizing a Rescue Vector Armor). The order of the KOTS quickly took Royal in and updated his costume, giving him a home and stability to a man out of time.


Royal Knight

Production Royal Knight - White with blue accessories. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. 18 total parts. Released March 13th, 2017. $11.99 each.

Royal Vector Jump

Upgraded Royal Vector Jump. OH BOY - A NEW KNIGHT OF THE SLICE VECTOR JUMP BOOOOOOYYYYYYY! Released on June 9th, 2017. $18.00 each. Also available as a limited edition bundle to create Gunmetal Punch Knight. $23.99 each.