a Superstorm on Saturn
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Solar System
Capital Unstated


Saturn is the most beautiful of all the planets. Its symmetrical rings give it a matchless grace. And there is nothing like them anywhere else in the solar system. Constructed and placed in orbit by the Elders, millenniums ago, they give the people of Saturn complete mastery over the force of gravity on their planet. Thus, all work is done by perpetual motion, and men can fly above their world in great machines, tuned to the frequency of the rings. Freed from manual labor, the men of Saturn have developed great wisdom.

Men from Saturn


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Of all the Wizards of the Planet Saturn, “ORACULUS” is the most wise. Known as “The Man of Many Eyes”, he has a “Third Eye”, in the middle of his forehead, with which he can foresee the Future. He also has “Eyes in the Back of his Head”, enabling him to “look back” upon the past, with a clarity that only “hindsight” can allow. Gazing into his Crystal Sphere, ORACULUS is able to witness events, taking place, not only “in the here and now”, but also in distant Galaxies, far, far away. Nothing escapes his penetrating gaze. The Secrets of the Universe hide beneath his cape. Raising his Golden Scepter to the stars, ORACULOUS plays the Music of the Spheres, upon Saturn’s Majestic Rings, propelling Great Tidal Waves of Wizardry, across the gulf of Outer Space.[1]

Women from Saturn


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