Dominate Color

Glow in the Dark

Accent Color

Not Applicable, Occasionally Turquoise Green or Black


Not Applicable



Buildman AgeEdit

Wave 7

Spectre BuildmanEdit

Henshin WaveEdit

Wave 12

Spectre GovuromEdit

Henshin Wave 2Edit

Wave 13

Spectre PheydenEdit

The Rig Spectre DivisionEdit

Spectre Division (Glow-in-the-Dark with Neon Green Highlights)

Hades ForceEdit

Wave 23

Spectre Pheyden Mk. IIEdit

Crayboth SpectreEdit

Armorvors AttackEdit

Wave 24

Spectre ArmorvorEdit

Released alongside Verexxan and Neo Nebula. Everybody loves a GitD figure and this one certainly has a strong glow to it! The wolf head from the Hades Mimic also looks perfect on this Spectre body.

GitD/Mint green/GitD wolf head, GitD eyes

The Gamma ConflictEdit

Wave 34

Spectre Force SarvosEdit

Gendrone Spectre Force WarriorEdit

Glow in the Dark CraybothEdit

The Andromeda EffectEdit

Wave 49

Spectre MutationEdit

Includes full Pheyden figure plus 10 Skeleden Armor parts. 23 total parts. $14 each.

Enter The GlyarmorEdit

Wave 51

Sarvos Dark SpectreEdit

Dark SpectreEdit

Crayboth Dark SpectreEdit

Quest of the QuallerranEdit

Wave 58

Spectre Armorvor Mk. IIEdit

Includes Neo Granthan head and mini packpack. 18 total parts. $11 each.


Includes full Glyarmor set with 5 heads and Spectre Pheyden Mk. II base body. 25 total parts. $16 each.

Crayboth Spectre Mk. IIEdit

5 total parts. $5 each.

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