The Rig
My Rig can beat up your Varitech
Vital statistics
Name The Rig
Race Glyan
Home Planet Various

Character HistoryEdit


Test Shot Rig parts[1]

"The first production Rigs have landed... along with some extremely hostile Armodocs! The feel and functionality of this new addition to the ranks are solid and tight. A standard Glyos figure fits right inside once you take it apart at the waist. My favorite Hades is actually inside the Rig in the above pics. It's simple, but pretty fun to play with. How you look at it determines what form it takes, the transformations are all about perspective and what you feel like tinkering with. It can be a walking mech, an armored spaceship, a battlesuit or even a ground tank. Messing around with it reminds me of when I'd spend time with a Rubik's Cube, the shifting of shapes all contained within a simple structure and suddenly (or after many mind crushing hours) a collection of colors would come together. It's also fun to combine with the Armodocs, especially the new ones that are right around the corner."[2]

Soul of the TravelerEdit

Wave 11

Granthan DivisionEdit

Granthan Division (Light Grey with Green Highlights)

Black and RedEdit

NYCC 2010 Exclusive. $25

Henshin IEdit

Wave 12

Stealth DivisionEdit

Stealth Division (Colorless / Clear)

Henshin IIEdit

Wave 13

Spectre DivisionEdit

Spectre Division (Glow-in-the-Dark with Neon Green Highlights)

Granthan Division Mk. IIEdit

"I imagine that this particular Rig was used by Klace after the Massacre on Granthan, the blue replacing the green to represent a new beginning and to honor the fallen Travelers that perished in the Armodoc attack. Plus, blue looked pretty good."[3]

Granthan Division Mk. II (Light Grey with Blue Highlights)

Mono WaveEdit

Wave 14

Classified DivisionEdit

A bonus Rig Trick was revealed on how to add Axis Joint Sets and other accessories to the larger Vinyl port.[4]

Classified Division (Black with White Highlights)

Task Force VolkriunEdit

Wave 16

Volkriun DivisionEdit

Volkriun Division (Dark Green with Light Green Highlights)



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