The Swampland
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Just when you thought it was safe...
Product Line
Product Line The Swampland
Company mikemz
Race(s) Unknown
Homeplanet Swampland
Main Character(s) Zullbeast
Faction(s) None
Also see None


Currently sold through the Glyos Connection forums directly from user "mikemz" and[1]. Zullbeast & Psychozor sculpted by Rudy Garcia and prototyped by True Cast Studio. Production by Matt Doughty/Glyos factory. Artwork by Pat Bussey.

Swampland ReleasesEdit

Hand Cast ResinEdit

Zullen Head SetEdit

Hand Cast Resin Zullen Head Set - Assorted colors, chosen at random. Glyos compatible. Individual heads sold privately in 2016. First released in 2017 as a set. $50 a set.



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