Ultra Bronze Outlander
Bronze and Teal Outlander
Vital statistics
Name Ultra Bronze Outlander
Race Outlander
Home Planet 481 Universe


Ultra Bronze OutlanderEdit

Production PVC Ultra Bronze Outlander - Bronze and Teal Outlander. Helmet included! 18 total parts. Released July 10th, 2015. $8 each.[1]

Ultra Bronze Assortment AEdit

Production PVC Ultra Bronze Assortment A - Ultra Bronze Outlander. Included in this pack are one of each piece pictured above, two helmets, three heads, two ankle extenders, one set of hips and two mini figures. Released July 10th, 2015. $8 each.[2]

Ultra Bronze Assortment BEdit

Production PVC Ultra Bronze Assortment B - Ultra Bronze Outlander. This is a 9 piece + glyos peg accessory pack. Helmets fit on smaller humanoid heads, Xennus mask fits over Leyden heads and Sword breaks down into three parts. Released July 10th, 2015. $8 each.[3]



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