Vanguard Colors notext
The Warrior
Vital statistics
Name Vanguard
Race Zetonian
Home Planet Glyaxia Block Base


See: Mission: Infiltrate Glyaxia Command


Dynagenesis Origin

Vanguard includes a premium-level fifty-three piece allotment of parts and more than twenty brand-new paint applications including one Glyaxia symbol. Vanguard was released on July 18th, 2014 along with Maxx Zero in Glyaxia Disguise and Battlestar the Guardian.[1]

"Fifty-three piece fully Glyos-compatible Robo Force kit of the heroic robot with 3x the strength, 3x the power, and 3x the quips!" $30 each.

Additional Modes

Dreadnought Maxx Zero

Vanguard is an incredible warrior with triple-power and can combine with Maxx Zero to form Dreadnought Maxx Zero for even more power! (Design currently unreleased)

Force Sync Armor

While practicing Force Sync with Vanguard, Maxx Zero discovers a strange quirk in this reprocessed Zetonian matter - the dense Zetonian metal emblazoned with the logo of the long-forgotten STAR Team.



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