Contained Build available!
Vital statistics
Name Villaxorian
Race Villser/Axis Technology
Home Planet Unknown


Introduced as a way to expand design possibilities to existing Glyos accessories, Contained Builds use existing parts and present them in a brand new way.

Villaxorian uses 6 Axis Joint Sets.



"I imagine these mutations are born from the trace elements of the Villser Virus that dwell deep within all Axis Technology. Under certain conditions, strange changes begin to occur, overriding the control mechanisms that keep Axis based upgrades in check. The resulting configurations echo the ancient form of the original Villser, albeit in an extremely diminished (though still dangerous) state.

The Villaxorian shown above is a contained build consisting of 6 complete Axis Joint Sets. By moving the limbs around, you can modify the look in a number of ways, one being a compressed "Crawler" that has a pretty creepy appearance (reminiscent of an Alien Facehugger)."[1][2]




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