Wave 17
Onell Design Drop
Theme Name Real Type II
Date 2011-08-26
Time 21:00
Faction(s) Relgost Marine Division, Relgost Wing Division, Esedeth Desert Assault Team, Esedeth Hostile Environment Team, Spectre Division, Classified Division, Stealth Division, Gendrone Revolution, Glyaxia Command
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Onell Design Release

United Glyan Forces


Gendrone Revolution


  • Argen Mk. IV - Gold Metallic/Red visors with special tampo printing. $8


The Rig

  • Heavy Armored Rig - Relgost Wing Division features an all new Wing Attachment Configuration. $25

Crossover Release

Outer Space Men

  • Xodiac Glyaxia Command - Special Edition. Fully Painted in Gray, Black and Light Blue with Clear Colorless Accessories and extra set of "bent" arms, also features a special Glyaxia tampo print on his chest. $12


Axis Joint Set

Phase Arm Set




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