The Demolisher
Vital statistics
Name Wrecker
Race Zetonian
Home Planet Zeton


"In his civilian life, WRECKER™ is a construction worker. In Robo Force, he is a destruction worker and leader MAXX's right-hand man. The team's demolishionist, WRECKER can reduce a neutron fortress to rubble in the flash of an atom. His demolition tool pack contains a powerful atomic jackhammer and a laser drill, and houses a heavy metal-alloy wrecking hook." From the original file card.[1]


See: Genesis of Wrecker


Deluxe Genesis

Kit includes fifty-eight Glyos-compatible pieces, the full range of paint applications, and a bad attitude. They took his face! He's a giant next to Maxx and he glows in the dark! Deluxe Genesis Wrecker was released on March 23rd 2014 along with Sentinel.[2]

Additional Modes

Triple Unlock Mode

"Wrecker utilizing his Triple Unlock mode, allowing him to use his construction experience at three times the speed - and to destroy Cult of Dred members even faster!"[3]



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