The Engima
Vital statistics
Name ZEM
Race Zetonian
Home Planet Zeton, Earth

Character HistoryEdit


Early "ZEM" body concept art partial piece

Fast forward to nearly 4 years ago, around the time I started to develop new S.T.A.R. Team (Project X) concepts with Toyfinity's John Kent (who now held the licenses for some of my most beloved Ideal toy lines including S.T.A.R. Team) and our long time collaborator Ralph Niese. During those extensive work sessions, we discussed how we could bring back the Knight of Darkness and give him an army of armored soldiers. The old "trooper" concept then resurfaced from my youth, and things began to fall into focus for the Knight's resurrection."[1]




ZEM before Dynagenesis

Reborn, Maxx Zero and ZEM escape into the city of Celestia, looking for a way to overthrow Nazgar and the CULT OF DRED, return order to Zeton, and unravel the secret of the Hidden Fortresses of Steele. With allies freed from the claws of Hun-Dred the Conqueror through ZEM's Dynagenesis Effect and an ever-increasing series of powerful adversaries... The original Steele-Forged hero Maxx Zero and the Robo Force battle for the freedom of all living creatures!

Galaxia Command abducts ZEMEdit

"ZEM has been abducted!"

Vanguard Colors notext

Vanguard and Maxx pushing back Glyaxia

Glyaxia Command captured the enigmatic mechanoid through a rift into the mysterious Glyos System. Sensing trouble, Maxx Zero went undercover, infiltrating Glyaxia Command's Block Base. Once inside, Maxx stumbled upon a nefarious plan - Glyaxia Command has stolen the designs for the Robo Force and intends to create a mechanical army!

To rescue ZEM, Maxx engaged in combat with three Elite Glyaxia Clones of Sentinel. Unexpectedly, dynagenesis occured, transforming the doppelgangers into a brand new ally - Vanguard the Warrior! Possessing three times the strength and power of a Protector Class Robot and wielding a super-charged forcefield blaster, Vanguard the Warrior turns the tables on Glyaxia Command!

The Search for Maxx ZeroEdit

After a devastating loss to the Robo Force team, Maxx Zero abandons Zeton to grieve over his lost friend. Months go by when ZEM has a vision of Maxx terrorizing a planet of bat creatures. Sentinel, ZEM, and Wrecker take to the Star Falke to planet Diavolus to investigate.

There they find Maxx has modified himself into a golden metallic warlord with little regard for biological life. There is also a new non-Zetonian robot with Maxx, the slithery Fangar the Conspirator.

Robo Force is faced with a horrible decision - do they join their commander in his new mission and forget liberating Zeton from Nazgar, or uphold his previous ideals and destroy him to save the native populace?



ZEM-21 from the 1977 Comic Cover


Possibly ZEM-21's final fate on Zeton at the hands of the Cult of Dred

ZEM-21 is an expert at analyzing data and recording and made the plans for the small team. He displays curiosity, but shows no particular skill for fighting. This dangerous vigil of theirs is the job of Earth's STAR Team Scouts, such as ZEM-21 and his two Zeroid companions, the heroic crew of the saucer-ship Star Hawk! Zeroid Blue is programmed to be a mechanic and engineer as well as the pilot of the Star Hawk. It can quickly cross circuitry to cause an explosive overload. Zeroid Red is programmed to be the pilot and gunner while also armed with shock blasters. Together they use their small but nimble spaceship, Star Hawk, to patrol the system keeping the Knight of Darkness at bay.



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