Zemo the Hunter
The Hunter
Vital statistics
Name Zemo
Race Zeroids
Home Planet Zero


Zemo the Hunter - Hunter Class with hybrid abilities from his composite construction.


The Reawakening

After their reawakening on a strange beast-filled world, with the loss of their history and knowledge, the Zeroids looked to reestablish themselves in the universe. Led by Zintar THE EXPLORER and Zerak THE DESTROYER, the Zeroids escaped into space in a barely-functioning makeshift Exploration Module and began a search for a new home to replace their lost Planet Zero.

The Zeroid Ascendancy

The Zeroid Ascendancy has been fractured. Many years later the key philosophical differences between Zintar and Zerak, without the firm claws of Commander Zogg to guide them, have led to different evolutionary paths for these mechanical wonders. The tribes of the Prime Zeroids have gone their own ways, interacting very little over the interceding years. Guidance under the gaze of Zintar pushed their advancement into Neo Zeroids.

Nazgar the Tyrant Lives!

Fueled by the power of Zandor's Z-Core, the legendary energy source of the Prime Zeroids, the Ultimate Tyrant can finally face Maxx head on in mortal combat - when he's not in his disguise of SUPER ZEROID BLACK and searching for the ultimate Zeroid weapon!

The development of the Super Zeroid Black was one of Zemo THE HUNTER's pet projects, but Assassin had never seen one until that day on Nesreta. The Zeroid artifacts were within his grasp, until Super Zeroid Black showed up and stole them away.

Super Zeroid Black and his assistants, the Technician Zeroids, are on the same quest for Zeroid technology, though Assassin cannot recognize the design of the Super Zeroid Black from his database... not that he has been able to contact Zintar The Explorer for a number of years now to discern the origin of Super Zeroid Black.

Now these two Zeroid warriors engage in a game of cat and mouse, searching for the legacy of the Zeroids... though Super Zeroid Black has an agenda of his own that will affect the entire universe because what they don't know is that Super Zeroid Black is secretly Nazgar THE TYRANT![1]

The Great Hunt

Deep in the foliage of a jungle planet, the Robo Force discovered a forgotten tribe of HUNTER NEO ZEROIDS...

Led by the first-constructed of Zeroid Zemo himself, Zemorian. Burnt-out circuitry and faulty memory chips had driven Zemorian into a paranoid state. He believed that any visitor to the planet was trying to take their jungle away - and would have to prove their claim to the planet by undergoing Zemo's test - the Great Hunt.

Stripped of their weapons, Maxx and the team must once again find a way to prevail over a superior foe - another impossible mission for the Robo Force!

Zemo the Hunter's Legacy

Confirmed Projects