Zintar the Explorer
The Explorer
Vital statistics
Name Zintar
Race Zeroids
Home Planet Zero


Zintar the Silver Explorer - Explorer Class with magnetic hand and power sled.


The ReawakeningEdit

After their reawakening on a strange beast-filled world, with the loss of their history and knowledge, the Zeroids looked to reestablish themselves in the universe. Led by Zintar THE EXPLORER and Zerak THE DESTROYER, the Zeroids escaped into space in a barely-functioning makeshift Exploration Module and began a search for a new home to replace their lost Planet Zero.

The Zeroid AscendancyEdit

The Zeroid Ascendancy has been fractured. Many years later the key philosophical differences between Zintar and Zerak, without the firm claws of Commander Zogg to guide them, have led to different evolutionary paths for these mechanical wonders. The tribes of the Prime Zeroids have gone their own ways, interacting very little over the interceding years. Guidance under the gaze of Zintar pushed their advancement into Neo Zeroids.

Assassin's MissionEdit

Neo Zeroid Assassin, modeled after the Neo form of his patron Zintar, is charged with one mission: recovering Zeroid technology from the hands of the organics - or destroying it.

Assassin employs the newest in Zeroid technology - a Magnet Blaster replaces the old Magnet Hand, turning it into a powerful weapon against all types of life, while the magnetic generator tied to his Beta Core allows him to float over most surfaces. He lives in a natural state of distrust after the instances of sheer ignorance he has witnessed from other beings. He hopes to one day return the artifacts he and his partner have found to Zintar...though it has been many years since Zintar has returned a communication.[1]

Zintar the Explorer's LegacyEdit

Confirmed ProjectsEdit




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