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Just when you thought it was safe...
Vital statistics
Name Zullbeast
Home Planet Swampland


Currently sold through the Glyos Connection forums directly from user "mikemz" and Zullbeast sculpted by Rudy Garcia and prototyped by True Cast Studio. Production by Matt Doughty/Glyos factory. Artwork by Pat Bussey. Part of the The Swampland line.


Zullbeast First Production VinylEdit

Production Vinyl Zullbeast figure - Green w/ paint apps. Released October 30th, 2015. $35 each.[1] A limited supply of unpainted green figures were made available May 6th, 2016. $35 each.

Zullbeast DemonicoreEdit

Production Vinyl Zullbeast Demonicore figure - Red w/ paint apps. Released May 6th, 2016. $35 each. A limited supply of unpainted red figures were made available May 6th, 2016. $35 each.

Zullbeast BonecrusherEdit

Production Vinyl Zullbeast Bonecrusher DX figure - Bone w/ paint apps and hand painted wash. Released November 14th, 2016. $40 each.[2]



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